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In order for the Web-based A+LS Browser and Adobe Flash Playback mode to run properly on your computer, your Internet browser must be configured appropriately.  If you are connecting from home, you’ll also need to make these changes to your browser.  The following instructions are for Internet Explorer® 8 and 9, but you can make similar changes to the other supported browsers. For Mac and PC’s Do Not Use FireFox.  For Mac users only Safari will work.


Internet Explorer must be set not to cache (save) A+LS web pages on the workstation.  Also, the Internet Explorer privacy setting must be set to medium privacy, and the security settings must allow Javascript.

1.  Launch Internet Explorer.
2.  From the menu bar, select Tools, then Internet Options.
♦  If the menu bar doesn’t appear, press the [Alt] key and the menu should appear.
3.  In the Internet Options window, select the General tab.
4.  Under the General tab, under Browsing history, click the Settings button (see figure below).
5.  In the Temporary Internet File dialog that appears, make sure that Check for newer versions of stored pages is set to Every time I visit the webpage (see figure below).
6.  Click OK to save your settings.



• ♦  The default security settings in Internet Explorer (set to Medium-High by default) should allow A+LS to operate error-free, with no changes required.

7.  In the Internet Options window, select the Privacy tab, then in the Settings area, see if the slider is set to Medium-High.  If it is set to Medium-High, you are done. But if you require higher security settings than the default, proceed to the next section.


Windows Media Player® Active X controls need to be enabled in Internet Explorer, otherwise a Javascript error may appear whenever the A+LS software attempts to play back a sound file during a lesson. These instructions are for Internet Explorer 8 and 9, but are similar for IE version 7.

1. Click on the Security tab, then click the button labeled Custom Level.
2. Scroll down until you see the section heading titled Active X Controls and Plug-ins.
3. Scroll down a bit further until you find the setting labeled Run ActiveX Controls and plug-ins and make sure it is set to Enable (see figure below).


4. Scroll down until you find the section heading labeled Scripting (it’s almost all the way at the bottom).
5. Find the setting labeled Active scripting and set it to Enable (see figure below).


6. Below that, find the setting labeled Allow status bar updates via script and set it to Enable (see figure below).  • Don’t click OK quite yet, there is one more setting to change.
7. Scroll down slightly until you see the setting labeled Scripting of Java applets and set it to Enable (see figure below).
8. Click OK when finished.



Some lessons in A+LS use the Flash plug-in to deliver instructional content to the user. Adobe Flash 10.2 or greater is required in order to view this content. To see if the Flash plug- in is currently installed on the computer’s web browser, and install it if needed, go to:


 ♦  Make sure you have the latest version of Java
          ♦  Java+You, Download Today!

 ♦  Turn OFF Pop-Up Blockers.


Make sure there is no check mark in this box!

If You Are Still Having Trouble,
Test Your Internet Connection

Load your Web browser and see if you can view Web sites that are virtually always available, such as or A final test is necessary because your network may be running Web caching software which could mimic a live Internet connection. Go to and verify that you are reading today’s news.

•♦   If the Internet sites are unavailable, you need to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

• ♦  If you can see two or more Web sites without difficulty and CNN was current but A+LS still doesn’t work, then talk to the 21st Century Learning Academy at 620-548-2289 or 877-685-5468

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