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2017 Graduates!!!

September 14, 2016

The following students have met the requirements to be 2017 graduates of the 21st Century Learning Academy.  Congratulations to all of these students!  We hope to see all of these students, and more, at our Graduation Ceremony in the Spring of 2017.  As Graduation gets closer, a specific date and time will be set.  Please check back for more information.

  1. Kasey Feyh
  2. Jordan Yardley
  3. Noemy Almeida
  4. Ayla Venable
  5. Alexis Smith
  6. Devante Porter
  7. Malik Dowe
  8. Emmitt Gooden
  9. Kayla Esquivel
  10. Anissa Gusman
  11. Nathan Hoyle
  12. Diego Coca
  13. Rasha’un
  14. Croney
  15. Isaiah Lyles
  16. Adalberto Granillo
  17. Victoria Balderaz
  18. Kelsey Crowninshield
  19. Ahkeil Bowes-Savage
  20. Jessica Wehling
  21. Anthony Lawrence
  22. Marco Rios
  23. Zona Rhoades
  24. Dwight Bobby Bruce
  25. Kaeleen Stelly
  26. Christopher Wilson
  27. Carlos Frank
  28. Robert McKnight
  29. Susie Loewen
  30. Jonathan Gallegos
  31. Marissa Hames
  32. Anna Hiebert
  33. Marquion Lane
  34. Isaak Wiebe
  35. Karmon Collins
  36. Emily Slocum
  37. Britney Keaton
  38. Summer Dipmn

We hope to see many more students added to this list in the upcoming months.  Keep up the hard work, and you, too, can be a 2017 graduate.  Do not hesitate to contact the Office if you have any questions about your current status.


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