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The 21st Century Learning Academy uses the Fuel Education software system as the curriculum for our program.  FuelEd was adopted by the Kiowa County USD 422 school board in Spring of 2014, and it became our primary software platform in the 2014-2015 school year.  Currently, all 6th-12th grade students are participating in FuelEd.  Our Adult Learners are continuing to work on the A+ program, but they will transitioned to FuelEd in the near future as well.  Below you will find some basic introductory information on the FuelEd program.  This information came directly from FuelEd.

Fuel Education (FuelEd)

The widely adopted FuelEd curriculum includes high-quality, standards-based online courses for middle school and high school.  Whether students are struggling or seeking greater academic challenges, or want to enrich their learning or are at a risk of dropping out or not graduating on time, these flexible courses can meet your students’ specific requirements.  FuelEd Online Courses include:

  • English, Math, Science, and History/Social Studies for grades 6th-12th
  • 3 academic levels for high school:  Foundations, Standard, and Advanced Placement (AP) – plus credit recovery
  • 5 world languages for middle school
  • 6 world languages for high school
  • 16 middle school electives
  • More than 50 career-building high school electives
  • More than 45 STEM courses
  • 19 credit recovery courses

FuelEd Online Courses have been crafted based on extensive education research.

Our online courses feature a rich multimedia format that includes interactive elements (avatars, interactive tutorials, whiteboard illustrations, manipulatives, practice games, and videos) to help keep students engaged and motivated to learn.

  • These elements provide students opportunities to use visual, kinesthetic , and auditory learning methods.  Interactive tutorials help illustrate complex concepts more clearly.
  • FuelEd’s unique avatars help establish connections between topics and “real world” applications.
  • To enhance each student’s online learning experience – especially those for which English is a second language – learning tools are built into the courses, including text-to-speech, a dictionary, and Spanish translation support.

With FuelEd Online Courses, you’ll receive:

  • Formative and summative assessments that provide ample practice with feedback before students take exams
  • Foundations courses that include audio, English Language Learner (ELL) support, vocabulary lists, additional tutorials, and games to support students struggling to fill academic gaps
  • A full range of AP courses, 45+ stem courses, and electives to prepare students for college and engage even your most advanced learners
  • Engaging curriculum and online eBooks can replace expensive hard-copy textbooks in many cases
  • Some FuelEd Online Courses do require certain materials such as books or equipment, many of which can be ordered through FuelEd.

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