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Building Vocabulary (Middle)

Building Vocabulary 6
Building Vocabulary 6 covers how to use a thesaurus, multiple meanings of words, strategies for solving types of word relationships, improving vocabulary through synonyms and antonyms, using context, prefixes, suffixes, and roots, foreign terms, short vowel sounds, diphthongs, initial consonants, and the /oo/ sound.

Building Vocabulary 7
This title includes identification and use of closed, open, and accented syllables, using a pronunciation key, synonyms, antonyms, words in context, words borrowed from names and places, foreign phrases, testtaking strategies, identifying the /y/ sound in words, vowel clusters, separate sounds for the consonants “c,” “g,” and “s,” and the sound of /ph/.

Building Vocabulary 8
Building Vocabulary 8 reviews how to use a dictionary, the origin of words, parts of speech, analogies, homonyms, homographs, strategies for critical recognition of small words in larger words, foreign terms, sounds made by /au/ and /aw/, initial and final consonants, and introduces words that use silent letters.

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