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Progress Monitoring (1/5/15)

January 13, 2015

Starting on January 5, 2015, the 21st Century Learning Academy will be changing how we monitor student progress for all 6th – 12th grade students.

This change will not apply to our adult students at this time.

In the past, students were expected to log 25 to 30 hours of online time per week to stay off of academic probation and to keep from being reported to the County Attorney as truant.  This was met with mixed results because we often had many students, and parents, that were more concerned about their time online, and they did not focus on actually completing classes in a timely manner.

With our change to the FuelEd program, we are now better able to monitor student progress on a weekly basis.  As a result, students will now be expected to complete 15% to 17% of each class they are enrolled in each week.  Completing 15% to 17% of each class each week, will allow the student to work from 25 to 30 hours per week and meet our weekly time expectations.  Time will no longer be used as the only determination to see if a student is progressing through their classes in a timely manner.

The new student dashboard at will have cards for each class that a student is enrolled in.  The front of the card will have the class name and the students grade.  Below you can see an example of the front of the card.

Front Card

The back of the card will have the information that will be used for progress monitoring.  At the top of the card you will find a yellow line.  This yellow line will show you how much of the class you have completed.  You will also see a gray line titled “Today”.  This is where you should be at in the class to be able to complete the class in the 6 week time frame.  The number in the top right of the card then lets you know how much time you left before you have reached the due date for the class.  A sample of the back of the card can be found below.

Back Card

Please contact the 21st Century Learning Academy Office, (620) 723-1130, if you have any questions about our new student progress monitoring system.

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